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With vast knowledge of composites, fabrication skills uncharted, and engineering complying with only the highest quality, it was decided to bring Synergy Composites LLC. Into the modern world. We knew that we could fill the desires of customers by supplying the highest quality products found on many of the premier league racecars of the current era.

Founded in 2012 out of Shawn’s garage with a dream and plenty of ambition, Synergy Composites was born. Today we are bringing that same quality from the race teams all across the world into the customer’s hands.

Offering custom parts to meet and exceed your expectations is our goal. Let us be your composites shop.

Shawn Lane - Owner
At a young age I wanted to do something extraordinary. With a father heavily involved in aviation and the rest of my family being involved in other technology based careers, I fell in love with finding out how things worked together to make a product. At a young age, I started to build plastic models as well as take things and making new things out of them.

I still remember the day that my father brought home the first Z car of the family, it was something which would introduce me to the motorsport community and would further me into the industry as well. My interest in the industry started with Z cars and tuning them to see what we could do to make them fast. Later on, I decided that I wanted to get involved with the more world renowned motorsport racing, and that is where my knowledge of composites began.

Working with many race teams over the past several years, I was involved in working with teams such as Formula Renault, Formula BMW, Formula Atlantic, IndyCar Series, and Superleague Formula One. The knowledge gained working with these teams helped me develop as a composites technician. I ventured out into the world of composites and found myself working with a composites shop that made many of the new technological pieces for the military, as well as many of the pieces for racing teams.

After working at this composites shop for a while, I had decided that this is what I am really in love with, and I would love to develop a shop of my own to show the world how truly passionate I am about the products that can be made. That is how Synergy Composites was made, an idea, and plenty of history in the composites world. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Contact

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